Project Description

In the small town of Paradise, CA, a homeowner reached out to us to see if we would be able to do anything for the house they had just purchased. We went out to survey it, and found that it was in very poor condition, with a crumbling foundation, rotten framing, and a caving roof. We debated between tearing the structure down completely and starting new, however, the advantages to keeping at least 50% of a dwelling in California is a huge money saver, so we stuck with a major remodel and addition. The homeowner met with us to go over the plans for the project, before and after the building plans were developed, to make the necessary explanations for the scope of work.

   After a long and tedious process, consisting of tractor demolition, raising the entire house on stilts, and digging new footings underneath the structure in addition to footings for enlarging the house, we passed all of our inspections. We moved on to pouring the foundation, framing, and putting the trusses up. The entire exterior of the house was transformed from appearing like a dilapidated shed to a quaint custom home in the hills.