Levels to Remodeling

This is an introduction to the definition of what a remodel is and we will be discussing further the details and prices this entails, and go over all of the options from there.

When it comes to remodeling we first need to get on the same page, there are varying levels of remodel, from cosmetic to custom. Cosmetic are what we call makeovers, and custom are what we call gut-jobs. Cosmetics focus on a lower budget and replace existing items without changing the layout. Custom focuses on rethinking everything in the space. There is an in-between, and this is exactly what it is, doesn’t change the layout, but is a little more intensive than a makeover. An overwhelming majority of projects fall in this category, and we will refer to this as simply: remodel. This is what most are referring to when they bring up getting a remodel. A remodel in this case for  bathroom would be ripping out the existing tile floor, baseboard, vanity, tub etc. and putting a walk-in shower (semi-custom with acrylic pan), new vanity (standard sizes based on off-the-shelf) with solid countertop and backsplash, PVC material baseboard to avoid dry-rot, new flooring (tile or luxury vinyl planks, new paint, add a recessed light or two, and update the plumbing fixtures.