There is nothing quite like a new home. Especially one you customized to have everything you wanted to the exact detail. Home renovations are not always what we are looking for when it comes to our house. Sometimes there are just too many features lacking from where we currently live, or perhaps the land/location aren’t what we want, and no amount of renovation can change that. With new construction your options for the perfect home almost seem endless.


The California building requirements continue to get more strict, however, don’t let this be a deterrent from new construction. The requirements are there to improve the energy efficiency, reduce the environmental impact, and increase the quality of your building. Homes are being built at a higher standard than ever before.

New Construction Services

Building a new home can be stressful and exciting. By providing a start to finish service that is comprehensive, we manage everything that has to do with your project.

Keeping To A Schedule

With any type of construction there is an excitement to have it completed, so we do our best to provide a schedule and stick with it. You don’t need to worry about when it will be finished. Our estimated time of completion is a guideline that we like to follow. With our decades of experience at managing and building we are confident in our ability to handle any type of new construction project.

  • Custom Built how you want it.
  • Safe work environment.
  • Open Communication.

  • Friendly service, you’re family too.


Completion 100%
Simplicity 100%
Customized 100%


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If this service isn’t exactly what you were looking for, check out our other services. We are always looking for additional ways we can help you.

Remodel & Additions

Building a new home isn’t always feasible, so we look for alternatives. Remodels involve tearing out walls to change the flow inside a house. Makeovers involve new paint, flooring, and cabinets. Both create a new feeling without starting over.

Historical Restoration

Historical buildings are a reflection of the past, and a continuous reminder of what was. Through restoration we can bring back to life what was thought forgotten. We pay attention to every last detail while preventing further damage from happening.

The Trades

As a General Contractor we cover every trade involved with building, whether we provide the labor in-house or use a sub-contractor to do it. The typical trades are: Concrete, Paint, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, and flooring.

3D Design

With powerful software, we can now visualize projects and make changes to them before the physical work begins.


Whether it’s an older building or a new building, we have you covered. We understand that having a facility that maximizes its use is the most important function of a commercial building.


Are you tired of shopping for basic dimensional cabinets with only a handful of choice for species of wood and finish? We offer cabinets built-to-order based on the dimensions of the space, the types of hardware desired, any of a hundred species of wood/man-made products, and limitless paints or stain finishes.


We stand by our word when we say Quality Guaranteed. As a result you will love it when it’s finished. Synergy Builders never walks away from an unfinished project. We are here to give you an All-One-Service. You should never wonder if the quality is good enough, instead you should be thinking what more you can have us do for your home.


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