Construction involves many different trades, varying from painting to
heavy equipment operation. If its part of the field we can do it.


We have decades of experience in every trade that makes up construction. As a general contractor we are always involved in at least three trades when it comes to the projects we are hired for. Who better to hire than the company that can take care of all of your troubles without needing to find others to do parts of it.


Whether it is flooring, plumbing, or electrical, here at Synergy Builders we believe in providing a product you will love and we know will hold up over time. We provide quick and efficient removal of the old and installation of the new.


When it comes to “The Trades” we know our stuff. There is a perk to being a General Contractor. We don’t have to rely on various 3rd parties to complete jobs in your home. If framing, drywall, and electrical are involved for installing new fans, you have a one stop shop with us.

  • Flooring: Tile, carpet, hardwood, laminate, the options seem endless. Let us help give you an informed decision about each product, and even show you the latest technologies for flooring that have been developed over the years.

  • Interior Painting: When it comes to interior painting there is a lot of forethought necessary, from the color scheme to the texture of the walls. With the amount of details in interior painting it can be easy to change your mind on colors or sheen, but no worries, you don’t have to go with the first decision you make. You can try samples on your walls to see if its the correct color and sheen. We will be happy to help you make these important decisions.
  • Exterior painting: The exterior of a house is constantly being broken down by the elements, and is always in need of maintenance, one of which is painting. However, with thorough preparation and a good paint/primer application your house will be able to withstand nature for years. We take our time to make sure that all surfaces are clean and ready for new paint.
  • Electrical: A loose wire-nut can cause your switch or plug to not work, the incorrect wire can be insufficient for handling too great of electrical loads, there are hundreds of scenarios that can play out when it comes to electrical in your home. We are equipped to install ceiling fans, recessed lights, replace breakers, and troubleshoot any problem that you are experiencing.
  • Plumbing: Got a leaky faucet on your bathtub? That could need some plumbing tape to help seal or new pipes to replace corroded ones, whatever it is, we can identify the issue and fix it. No matter the type of plumbing issue, Synergy Builders can take care of it.


Maintenance 100%
Site Preparation 100%
Time Management 100%


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If this service isn’t exactly what you were looking for, check out our other services. We are always looking for additional ways we can help you.

New Construction

Perhaps your current home just doesn’t have enough space, and additions aren’t quite what you are looking for, or maybe your land doesn’t offer you enough space and you found a property you really like, but it needs a house. New construction is the answer.

DIY Consultation

Trying to avoid paying someone else to do your home improvement project but need help figuring out the technical aspect? Our DIY Consultation services is easy to use. We send out our experienced contractor to your home to provide you with all the skills that you need to do it yourself.


Building a new home isn’t always feasible, so we look for alternatives. Remodels involve tearing out walls to change the flow inside a house. Makeovers involve new paint, flooring, and cabinets. Both create a new feeling without starting over.

3D Design

With powerful software, we can now visualize projects and make changes to them before the physical work begins.

General Construction

A general contractor oversees the entire project, is responsible for all labor, material, subcontractors, and communicates with all parties.


We offer financing for your project. You will never have to worry about limiting your ideas again. Don’t settle for a lesser product when we give you the best


We stand by our word when we say Quality Guaranteed. You will love it when we finish. Synergy Builders never walks away from an unfinished project. We are here to give you an All-One-Service. You should never wonder if the quality is good enough, instead you should be thinking what more you can have us do for your home.


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