Bathroom Remodel: Part 2

Previously we introduced the topic of bathroom remodels, there is an immense combination of finishes that you can choose for your space, but the number one thing to discuss with your contractor is pricing.


Budgets are important when it comes to purchasing anything, and remodels are no different. You wouldn’t walk into a car dealership without a price point in mind. It comes down to what you can afford, and the features that are most desired. Budgets work hand in hand with finishes. Remodels have an endless amount of possibilities, which also means an endless amount that you can spend. But none of us have endless money, nor want to overspend on any single item. So when it comes to budget, choose a number that you are comfortable with, either money that you have saved up, or an amount that you can borrow from a lender and make reasonable monthly payments on. The discussion with your contractor should not solely be on price, but also features, because ultimately the price reflects the end product. A ballpark price for a project that hasn’t gone over all of the details will result in either an end product that you don’t love, or end in a bathroom that was much more expensive than expected. Now, there are always changes that happen once work is underway, and it is important to remain open to new ideas, but this isn’t exactly what I am talking about here. The estimate that is generated in based on all of the finish materials and layout. For example a $1 per square foot 12″x24″ ceramic tile is going to be an entirely different price than a $5 per square foot 24″x48″ porcelain tile. The material and the labor process are different. It is important that pictures are gathered to create an idea of what a price is going to be based on. And when comparing with other estimates from other contractors that the same questions and designs are discussed so as to compare apples to apples. Don’t choose the cheapest price without considering the discussions, and don’t choose the most expensive if you are uncomfortable with the price. Like with cars, buyers remorse can set in for bathroom remodels and any other construction project. Be confident in your choices for materials, the design, and the price. If the contractor that you like the most is not the cheapest but has a detailed estimate then you are likely to get exactly as you want and for the price as listed.

The conversation of budget at our first meeting usually means we will be giving a price range, and in no means an accurate number. But if the range is in that affordable spot for you we are able to go from there and work on the design and finish materials to create an accurate price. We often work backwards from budgets given, and based on the plethora of questions create an estimate.

To be continued:

Budget continued





The working relationship between you and your contractor is important, they will be in your home working inside of your personal space. You need to be able to trust them and their crew. Relationships are the foundation