Hello readers, this is my first real blog, I am the creator of the website: buildingfromeveryangle.com and office coordinator for Synergy Builders. A little about me, I went to UC Davis for my undergraduate in Psychology, and for several years looked into various types of work, but what continued to call me was the construction field. My father is the owner of Synergy Builders, which he started 27 years ago. I am hoping to help his business out by giving it a more rigid structure, and giving customers more options. The construction field in it’s current state doesn’t feel like it’s grown all that much.

When you look to hire a contractor, you dont find them as easily as most others business’ online. They typically lack a good website, easy pricing structures, and lack of customer support. With this business we are looking to create a new type of construction business that brings all of the user friendly features that you find in most other fields. I am always looking to explore new ideas and am hoping for input from others. Business’ in today’s world thrive on innovation more than ever.

I will be regularly posting and hoping to give an inside look into our adventure as a company and how we seek to please the public. A strict price guideline should be up soon in a monthly email along with  other useful information. Don’s hesitate to reach out to us.