Closing Out A Project

Due to the impact of covid-19 there’s been a shortage of building supplies for us, one of our rebuilds in paradise had a special order door for their office. This took about eight weeks to get. It’s finally over it finally arrived! Because of the backlog in the door store we got it before they had a chance to do anything to it. Door stores typically get unfinished doors and add holes for the knobs, which in this case we had to do ourselves. Today we were able to finally install the door for the office. While waiting on the door we’ve been busy with other projects that we have going on and instead of making a thousand trips to that project for every type of loose end, we waited until we got that door in and then we were able to just go over there and in at the same time take care of those other loose ends. We will finally be able to close that account out finally and say that that is a fully finished project in Paradise!

A couple of our metal straps called Simpson straps which go from inside of our concrete foundation and strapped up about two to three feet on our studs and plywood shear. Shear walls prevents any kind of side to side movement for a houses walls which would cause major structural issues. we had a couple straps that were getting bent outwards due to a lack of a squash block in the stem wall, and it was popping nails out. The strap in turn was cracking and breaking our cement siding, so we had to go in there and make some modifications to the straps. In one case the placement of the strap we were not able to make any kind of small change to repair it; therefore we had to completely remove the strap, and remove the fiber cement siding and a 4 x 9 sheet of cement siding. Which in turn also involved removing all of the trim around the window.

In regards to today we also had a lot of caulking to do. Caulking shrinks over time, which can create unwanted spaces. Sometimes these cracks happen simply due to a lack of caulking, or an interior caulking was used for exterior. We went back and used a product called Big Stretch, which is a very flexible caulking, and we highly recommend for any exterior work.