Update for Clark Rd Project

Today at the Clark Road project in Paradise we finished working on our painting. We went through originally and used a paint sprayer for the entire interior. We used a semi-gloss Swiss coffee which is a very trendy off-white color now, it goes well with a lot of things such as accent walls, and all types of floors. One of the issues is we used semi-gloss on everything including the ceiling. After you go back and you’re doing you’re brushing or you’re rolling with a paint roller. You will see all of the lines at the edge of your rollers on your ceiling. To fix that we had to go back and roll all of the ceilings with a flat paint instead of the semi-gloss. Then tomorrow we will be going back and doing a cut-in for all of the corners in all the rooms because we couldn’t get too close without getting the flat paint on the walls. We need to avoid this because it would look really weird and cause your eye to get drawn to that flat tone in comparison to the semi-gloss paint. In the kitchen area you have to have some semi-gloss all of your walls and ceilings. That’s the area you’re most likely to have any kind of grease splatters or sauces.

After discussing with everyone we decided that because the flooring is going to be here this week and the kitchen cabinets have been delayed for nearly two months due to the shortage from covid-19 we are going to go ahead and install the flooring throughout the house. Once the cabinets are here we can simply just mark the exact layout of the cabinets and cut out the flooring where necessary. You never want to lay kitchen cabinets on top of flooring. The reason for this is because if any damage to floor happens, or a desire to change the floor, you would struggle without removing the flooring with the cabinets sitting on top of them. Cabinets must always go to the floor in order for easy updates and changes.

Tomorrow we will be working on installing all of our shelving in the closets, such as in the laundry room and bedrooms. We’re going to be putting all of the aprons and stools on the windows. Aprons are the little shelves at the base of the windows. The stool is what goes under the apron to help finish it off. We will be installing all of our header pieces on our doorways and our legs (the trim on each side of the door) for some of the doorways but not not a majority of them because we would like it to be a little easier for our flooring contractor. When the door trim legs are installed before the flooring it creates an extra step for the installer. The installer will have to use a tool to undercut all of the trim in for the flooring to slide under. We’ll be painting all of our baseboard that way it’s nice and prepared when it comes time to laying it down.