Planning and Rebuilding

In 2019 we began our first project in Paradise. This is a rebuild for an 1,800 sq. ft. home with a 500 sq. ft. garage. We had a lot of trees to remove and a big hole to work with after the property clean up.

Clean Up

While we were cleaning up the property, digging out burned trunks for where the new house was going to be built, and stump grinding those trees that were outside of the footprint, we designed house plans with the customer and got those sent over to the draftsman. You want to remove all trunks from the foundation area due to over time the wood will rot and cave in. For cost purposes you do not have to worry about digging trees out that are not in the house footprint. Simply have those ground up for $100 or less each.


Drafting took approximately three to four weeks, which engineering following. Engineering was another three to four weeks. Always prepare for large delay in moving forward on building your home when it comes to the design phase. Draftsman and Engineers in California are very busy and it will be a few weeks for each one to complete what they need to do. After the draftsman is finished, you can send it over to the truss company to design your roof, engineering, Title 24 (energy, they will calculate your insulation), and fire sprinklers.

After preparing all of the documents to submit to the Paradise Building Department, it took about three weeks to get a permit issued. Now the building was able to begin.