Hi, it’s been awhile for the blog. I decided that the instructional blogs for in-depth details of each trade would be in its own page on the website. By removing it from the blog I would be able to create a more permanent detailed instruction guide for each section. I will be filming, including pictures, and text to help any that are looking to do the work themselves.

In addition to the blog not doing instructional guides of the trades, I will be creating a pricing section on the website so that when you fill out your information, I will have an email sent to you with a detailed description of the pricing, and what it includes.

Currently I am doing this for only new construction. Remodels are still a case-by-case discussion due to the amount of unknown generally involved with them. To reduce change orders for remodels, it is better to have a well trained eye look over your project and determine what needs to be done. There are still potential change orders due to not being able to see behind the ‘wall,’ so to speak.

Pricing for remodeling is more expensive than our new construction prices, due to the fact of it requiring more experience specific to the remodel industry, and it being more time consuming. Remodels also require a special hand when it comes to working around someone’s home in which they live in.

We have a list of guidelines we follow in order to avoid upsetting the atmosphere in which you live. The last thing you want in a stressful remodel is to have your home made a mess and left unsafe. We get to know you, and take care of your home, while listening to any concerns you have. Remodels aren’t easy, but they don’t need to be unnecessarily tough to deal with.