Shower Pan VS Tile Shower Floor

When it comes time to remodel a bathroom we all like the look of tile shower floors, tile just has a lot of character that a shower pan doesn’t necessarily achieve the same way. However, we recently have been suggesting to our customers that a shower pan is a better way to go for less maintenance and price. There are no grout lines to clean, tiles to crack, and easier to see any areas that need cleaning. Shower pans comes in different types of material, our recommended material being acrylic. It is antimicrobial in nature, very easy to clean, and is warmer than tile or metal pans. The downside to pans though is the appearance doesn’t always match the overall look. You can’t just use a pan any time that you want, they only come in specific sizes, and the aesthetic of the bathroom should match the design of a pan. When designing a bathroom consider how your space can look with both a pan and shower floor tile. If maintenance and price are more important to you then I would suggest a pan, however, if aesthetically tile matches your style more, and if dimensions are custom, then I one hundred percent back using tile.