Enhancing Your Master Bathroom: The Hygienic Advantages of Modern Large Tile Designs

Enhancing Your Master Bathroom: The Hygienic Advantages of Modern Large Tile Designs

The master bathroom is often considered a sanctuary within the home, providing a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. When planning a master bathroom remodel or designing a new home, choosing the right materials and design elements can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space. One of the most significant trends in modern bathroom design is the use of large format tiles. This article will explore the hygienic advantages of incorporating large tile designs into your master bathroom remodel, as well as discuss other aspects of modern bathroom design that can enhance the space and improve your home’s resale value.

The Appeal of Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are any tiles larger than 12×12 inches, and they have become increasingly popular in contemporary bathroom design. These tiles offer numerous benefits, including a sleek, seamless look and easier maintenance. The larger size of these tiles means fewer grout lines, making the surface easier to clean and less susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Additionally, modern manufacturing techniques have made large format tiles available in a wide range of colors, styles, and textures, allowing for endless design possibilities. The layout of large format tile, if going for a contemporary or minimalist look are often done in a stacked pattern, not a 1/3 staggered pattern.

The Hygienic Advantages of Large Tiles

The primary hygienic advantage of large format tiles is the reduction in grout lines. Grout can be a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria, making it one of the most challenging aspects of bathroom maintenance. By using large tiles, there are fewer grout lines to clean and maintain, making the space more hygienic and easier to care for.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Large format tiles are not only visually appealing, but they are also easier to clean and maintain than smaller tiles. The fewer grout lines mean that there is less surface area for dirt, grime, and bacteria to accumulate. This makes it easier to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth. Additionally, large tiles can be wiped down quickly and easily, making cleaning a more straightforward and efficient task.


Large format tiles are often made from materials such as porcelain and ceramic, which are known for their water-resistant properties. This makes them an ideal choice for bathrooms, particularly in areas prone to water exposure, such as the shower. The water resistance of large format tiles helps to prevent water damage to the underlying surfaces, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth and making the space more hygienic overall.

Choosing the Right Size and Style of Large Format Tiles

When selecting large format tiles for your master bathroom, it is essential to consider the size and style that will best suit your space. For example, you may want to choose a tile size that will make your bathroom appear more spacious without overwhelming the area. In a larger master bathroom, you might opt for even larger tiles to create a modern and unified look.

Your designer can help you explore various layout ideas, such as staggering tiles in a jumbo subway pattern, installing tiles in vertical rows to create the illusion of height, or using horizontal rows of alternating light and dark shades to create visual interest.

Combining Tile Sizes for a Cohesive Look

While large format tiles can create a stunning and seamless look in your master bathroom, it is also worth considering incorporating smaller and midsize tiles into your overall design. For example, you might use small glass mosaic tiles in strategic areas, such as behind the bathtub, as a vanity backsplash, or on shower shelves. This can help break up the visual plane and create interesting focal points within the space.

Incorporating Modern Amenities for Enhanced Functionality and Hygiene

In addition to large format tiles, there are several modern amenities that can improve the functionality and hygiene of your master bathroom. These features can make your bathroom more enjoyable to use and can also add value to your home.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities, also known as wall-mounted vanities, can transform the look of your bathroom by creating a minimalist and luxurious aesthetic. These vanities are mounted to the wall, giving the appearance of floating above the floor. This design not only looks modern and stylish but also improves functionality by making it easier to clean underneath the vanity, reducing the potential for dust and debris accumulation.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are becoming increasingly common in modern homes due to their hygienic features and sleek design. These toilets often include self-closing lids, automatic flushing sensors, and disinfecting lighting, making them a more sanitary and convenient option for your bathroom. Additionally, smart toilets typically have a smoother surface and fewer external crevices than traditional toilets, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Heated Flooring

Heated flooring has long been a popular addition to bathrooms in colder climates but is now becoming more common in homes across various regions. Heated floors provide a warm, comfortable surface to step onto after a shower, making the experience more pleasant regardless of the outside temperature. Additionally, heated flooring can help reduce the need for bathroom rugs, which can trap moisture and become breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Soaking Tubs and Walk-In Showers

Soaking tubs and walk-in showers are both timeless and luxurious features that can enhance the overall experience of using your master bathroom. Statement soaking tubs, such as freestanding or skirted options, can create a spa-like atmosphere while also providing a comfortable and relaxing place to unwind. On the other hand, walk-in showers offer a modern and spacious alternative to traditional shower-bath combinations, often featuring multiple showerheads and frameless glass enclosures for a sleek and open look.

Creating a Spa-Like Atmosphere with Ambiance and Design Elements

In addition to functional upgrades, incorporating ambiance-enhancing design elements can significantly improve the overall experience of using your master bathroom.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Many modern bathrooms aim to create a calming and natural atmosphere by incorporating elements of the outdoors. This can include using materials such as wood and stone in the design, as well as incorporating large windows to allow natural light to flood the space. Indoor plants can also be used to bring the outdoors in, adding a touch of greenery and helping to purify the air.

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting can play a significant role in creating a relaxing and luxurious ambiance in your master bathroom. Consider using a bold pendant light or chandelier to create a focal point, or opt for dimmable lighting options to adjust the mood as desired. Additional areas for lighting are in the shower/bath tub niche, vanity toe kick lighting, backlighting for the mirror, or even lighting in the mirror face. Every area that you install accent lighting is impactful, and changes the feeling of the room instantly.

Large Tiles for a Spacious Feel

As previously mentioned, large format tiles can significantly impact the overall feel of your bathroom. Using large tiles on the floors and walls can help create the illusion of a more expansive space, making your master bathroom feel more open and inviting. Large tiles may even be installed on a wall as an accent piece, helping elevate your space.

Purchasing Tile

If you are wondering where you should look when it comes to purchasing tile, there are many stores that offer a great selection. Online stores even can send out samples for you to choose from. Big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer a selection, however, typically they are cheaply made. A good chain tile store that I always recommend is Floor & Decor. They carry a large inventory and have a ton of tile in-store, no need to special order and create delays. A common online store for purchasing tile is Tilebar.com, I highly recommend checking them out.

Earth Tones

Recent bathroom colors were beginning to trend towards more bold blues and greens, however in 2023 the colors have shifted towards sandy beiges, browns, and ochres of varying saturations. These colors help in introducing warmth to a room that has traditionally been kept cool with white being an ever present color. 

Final Thoughts on Enhancing Your Master Bathroom

A master bathroom remodel can significantly improve your home’s resale value and provide a more enjoyable and hygienic space for you to use daily. By incorporating large format tile designs, modern amenities, and ambiance-enhancing design elements, you can create a luxurious and spa-like atmosphere that you and potential homebuyers will appreciate. If you’re considering a master bathroom remodel, be sure to consult with a professional designer or contractor to ensure that your project meets your needs, style preferences, and budget. If looking to hire a contractor with decades of experience, check out our bathroom remodeling page.