Don’t quite know where to start on your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project? Having difficulty with a certain part of the project? Call us today to set up an appointment to get our contractor out there for a consultation. Our contractor will walk you through your project and breakdown the whole process and design ideas with you.


HGTV and Pinterest have inspired many to pick up a hammer and do their own home projects, but sometimes what happens is you run into issues that you can’t troubleshoot over the internet. And short of hiring a contractor to solve it for you, there aren’t a lot of inexpensive options. But now there is a new option available to you, and that’s in-home consultations so that you can get the expert’s advice and knowledge without going through making mistakes on your project.

DIY Consultation Services

Building your project yourself can be challenging, but in the end, rewarding. You will have a lot of questions a long the way, and probably make mistakes, but you can get those questions answered and reduce those mistakes by meeting with our contractor to go over your projects details. And if the DIY thing doesn’t quite turn out to be your thing, we also offer excellent services to take it off your hands.

Keeping To A Schedule

We know how important it is to our customers to create a safe environment so we always emphasize this with our DIY customers. Work safe, work smart. When we come to your home to go over your project, we make sure to cover everything we do on our job sites so that you can function at an optimal capacity. Cut time down on trips to the store, online tutorials, and save money. You don’t need to worry about when it will be finished, we will help create a guideline for you to stick with to help keep you focused.

  • We help create a complete checklist so that you don’t miss anything crucial to your project.

  • Provide tips to create a more productive work space and maximize your safety.
  • Save you money.

  • Friendly service, you’re family too.


  • In-Home Consultation


$335One-Time Payment
  • Two Hours In-Home Consultation w/ 3D Design


Troubleshooting 100%
Design 100%
Structure 100%


Week Days8:00 – 5:00



If this service isn’t exactly what you were looking for, check out our other services. We are always looking for additional ways we can help you.

The Trades

As a General Contractor we cover every trade involved with building, whether we provide the labor in-house or use a sub-contractor to do it. The typical trades are: Concrete, Paint, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, and flooring.

General Construction

A general contractor oversees the entire project, is responsible for all labor, material, subcontractors, and communicates with all parties.


Building a new home isn’t always feasible, so we look for alternatives. Remodels involve tearing out walls to change the flow inside a house. Makeovers involve new paint, flooring, and cabinets. Both create a new feeling without starting over.

3D Design

With powerful software, we can now visualize projects and make changes to them before the physical work begins.

New Construction

Perhaps your current home just doesn’t have enough space, and additions aren’t quite what you are looking for, or maybe your land doesn’t offer you enough space and you found a property you really like, but it needs a house. New construction is the answer.


We offer financing for your project. You will never have to worry about limiting your ideas again. Don’t settle for a lesser product when we give you the best


We stand by our word when we say Quality Guaranteed. You will love it when we finish. Synergy Builders never walks away from an unfinished project. We are here to give you an All-One-Service. You should never wonder if the quality is good enough, instead you should be thinking what more you can have us do for your home.


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