Camp Fire Trauma Assistance

Hi again, if you read the last blog, we covered the first four core psychology tips to overcome trauma. That list continues here and will provide further insight into answers for your questions about rebuilding or relocating. We are looking to assist you with recovering from your camp fire trauma or any hurtles that are in your way.

5. Practical Assistance

When asking officials to answer questions, try to be patient. They don’t always have answers or don’t always have the answers you want to hear. The people answering questions aren’t always the ones that come up with the policies. All of the officials are there to help whenever possible.

6. Connection with Social Supports

Family, friends, and other residents from Paradise that are going through the same thing are all great resources for connecting with. Spend time with those that experienced what you did. You will share a mutual understanding because you have the same experience. Who better to talk with than those that understand what you are going through. Even if your family and friends didn’t all go through the same thing, it is still important to have their support. Having any kind of support from others plays a major role in getting over our trauma and growing. Whether the support comes from within the community or outside, just know that there is a lot of support out there for you.

7. Information on Coping

This article offers some information for coping with the trauma and the process of figuring out what to do next. And alongside this information, there are countless websites, support groups, and counselors that are more than willing to help with how to get through this.

8. Linking with Collaborate Services

Camp Fire support groups, community directors, city personnel, counselors, and contractors all offer some sort of service to help you. Remember, you are rebuilding more than just your home, you are also rebuilding your life. We are all a community so don’t hesitate to look for assistance with making those tough decisions ahead. Even simple conversations can help answer long unanswered thoughts.

Questions Continued

Continuing on from the psychological trauma questions, if you do think it would be best to move on from Paradise, it raises the question of affordability and location. Meanwhile buying a home at this time comes at inflated prices due to California’s housing shortages. If you find a house within the range of your budget from insurance, and the layout is perfect, or only needs minor changes, it may be the best way to go. The housing shortages does cause houses to be more expensive, and could be outside of your budget. You own the land in Paradise, and the city is giving great prices for permits. A new home is your own design, its exactly how you want it. And its brand new.


This entire topic will be an ongoing discussion, and I will be going into more in-depth thoughts and answers about the subjects that were brought up here and at the Chico Home & Garden Show. With the prices to build a new home you end up paying less for what you want versus an older home that isn’t exactly how you want. And older houses have the potential to have lots of much needed repairs down the road. More about the debate of moving into an existing home versus building new will be in next week’s blog.