Property Cleaning in the Spring

During the spring time everyone loves to get outside after being couped up inside from a long winter. During this time of year we usually refer to it as Spring Cleaning. It’s the best time to get out to control the coming fire season. It’s also the best economically for your wallet. Since the Spring is typically a wet season in California you have the opportunity to burn a lot of what you trim and mow. And the best part about doing the work during the Spring, you get to do it before it gets scorching out.

End of Spring

During the Spring, there is a lot of new growth on trees and bushes. The reason we do Spring Cleaning is to avoid losing our homes in a fire or a fallen limb crushing it, by cutting it back now we avoid greater losses. As the rains start to taper off, it becomes favorable to do that roof repair or any exterior work on your house. For those small jobs around the outside of your house you are going to want to make sure any brush that is up close, is cut back so that it improves your access and makes working easier.

Tips Around the House

House maintenance can come in the form of trimming trees, bushes, and weed eating. But it also can mean raking dirt back from your foundation. It’s quick to do a survey of the perimeter of your house, and it can save you money in the future. By raking dirt back or leaves, you avoid having moisture soak into the wood that is near the ground level. Make sure you allow at least three inches of your foundation to show. Preferably six inches of foundation would be optimal.

So during the Spring cleaning process, make sure you do all of your outside work while it’s still enjoyable out. Curve that fire, stop the dry rot from happening, and have a great cleaning season!