Project Description

The small town of Oroville is the heart of Northern California’s agriculture, with Oroville lake and the Feather River supplying water to all of the farmers, and residents of nearby communities, mild winters, and beautiful seasons, it is an attractive location for many.

   Nestled among the foothills of Oroville is a lovely residence that Synergy Builders has done multiple renovations on,including a large mahogany deck, bathrooms, entertainment room, and kitchen.  One time it involved replacing the carpet in the hallway of the master bedroom with laminate flooring. Then removing the walls behind the existing shower due to a slow leak that had ruined the drywall, framing, and sub-floor beneath the shower. After replacing the wall and removing the shower, a new custom built shower with a half wall,  corner seat, and alcove went back in place of the old unit.

  The newly remodeled bathroom is gorgeous, functional, and captures the essence of the foothills.

  The kitchen is a lavish design with cupboards and shelves that conceal the usual clutter of kitchens.